Department Safety Representative (Student Safety Ombudsperson)

Fellow PhD students,  Become a Student Safety Representative (safety ombudsperson) and help students stay safe at the department level!  As a safety representative, you will be the contact person for issues and proposals from students of each level in your department. Besides answering specific questions, you will work towards improving systematic (!) problems at yourContinue reading “Department Safety Representative (Student Safety Ombudsperson)”

PhD Student Representative at the Central Level

Student representation at KI’s central level is super important to make sure that the voice of doctoral students is heard in KI’s highest decision-making bodies. These are bodies that shape KI’s vision, strategy, investments, recruitment and work environment. Many of these positions require that you are proficient in Swedish as this is KI’s working languageContinue reading “PhD Student Representative at the Central Level”

Positions within MF/DSA

DSA Chairperson and DSA Vice-Chairperson  As the DSA Presidium, you are the reference person for the KI doctoral student community. During the time period of your appointment, you will be in contact with KI leadership, the Presidium of the Student Union (MF) and with other external associations and organisations.  You are responsible for coordinating the work of the DSA board, chair the meetings, support the board members and supervise the working groups.  It’s a rewarding job, since you have the possibility toContinue reading “Positions within MF/DSA”

Annual General Meeting and Elections

The Election period has just started: it’s time to elect the new generation of doctoral student representatives!  2020 was an intense year for all of us, a year that pushed us to rethink our education, our community and our work environment. We are still facing many challenges, but, slowly and with all the precautions we are going back to a more normal life.  As DSA we never stopped to take care of our community and, thanks to theContinue reading “Annual General Meeting and Elections”