Department Safety Representative (Student Safety Ombudsperson)

Fellow PhD students,  Become a Student Safety Representative (safety ombudsperson) and help students stay safe at the department level!  As a safety representative, you will be the contact person for issues and proposals from students of each level in your department. Besides answering specific questions, you will work towards improving systematic (!) problems at yourContinue reading “Department Safety Representative (Student Safety Ombudsperson)”

PhD Student Representative in the Doctoral Programs and Research Schools Steering Groups

Doctoral Programs and Research Schools organize and coordinate courses and learning activities specific to their research field. As a student representative you will contribute in organizing, planning, developing and evaluating courses, seminars and other activities. The steering groups usually meet 2-3 times per semester but this might be different for each group. The Doctoral CoursesContinue reading “PhD Student Representative in the Doctoral Programs and Research Schools Steering Groups”

PhD Student Representative at the Department Level

Fellow PhD students,  Join the group of student representatives that will tackle department related issues! For the second year, we are calling on PhD students to apply for positions as department student representatives. For each department a mixed group of undergraduate and graduate student representatives can be elected by the MF Education Council. 

Annual General Meeting and Elections

The Election period has just started: it’s time to elect the new generation of doctoral student representatives!  2020 was an intense year for all of us, a year that pushed us to rethink our education, our community and our work environment. We are still facing many challenges, but, slowly and with all the precautions we are going back to a more normal life.  As DSA we never stopped to take care of our community and, thanks to theContinue reading “Annual General Meeting and Elections”

Open positions for student representatives [CLOSED]

Taking part in board and committees as a student representative is a great opportunity to participate strategic decisions, and policies that have a great impact on our PhD journey. Would you like to do that and help us advocate a fair, smooth and successful PhD journey?
There are a few positions for the year 2020 that became vacant and we are currently accepting applications. The deadline is Feb 1st 2020.